The Hidden Gardens, were this work was originally displayed, is a space where flora from different parts of the world inhabits the same land along an industrial, colonial building that reminds us the history that has shaped our post-colonial urban identity. Therefore, it serves as a metaphor for the hybrid nature of our Glaswegian society.

In response to such ideas, Distanced Assemblage -a Glasgow-based art collective- have developed a participatory installation titled ‘I Am From Here, There’ and this digital iteration part of The Refugee Festival Scotland 2021.

The piece features different elements that explore ongoing concerns within the collective’s socially-engaged practice. Such as the idea of cultural identity, nationhood and landlessness, brought up in the work by Mahmoud Darwish’s poem, ‘The Earth Is Closing On Us’.

We believe that the importance of these topics, together with art and space accessibility, has been made more evident than ever due to the political and social difficulties brought up the current pandemic reality. Therefore, we have put together this installation, occupying both digital and physical spaces, and invite everyone to contribute by submitting their thoughts and comments to our digital publication.

‘I Am From Here, There’ is an artwork by Distanced Assemblage. All digital content and this website and virtual tour was collaboratively developed with Helen Ochoa .